191 Shifting Gears—New Jersey's Model Curriculum and Assessments for Physical Education

Wednesday, March 18, 2015: 1:30 PM-2:45 PM
Convention Center: 211
Physical Education: Curriculum & Administration
Intended Audience: K-12
Speaker: Brendan J. O'Reilly, New Jersey Department of Education, Trenton, NJ
This session will walk the attendees through the changes in curriculum, instruction and assessment practices that the New Jersey Department of Education is implementing through its standards–based model curriculum for physical education. The model curriculum was developed to improve the quality of curriculum, instruction and assessment in New Jersey’s Physical Education classrooms. Attendees will be given the opportunity to view and discuss the model’s student learning objectives and assessments.
  • O' Reilly 2014 NJCCCS H & PE-Final PDF.pdf (478.6 kB)
  • O'Reilly PE 3-5 Unit I SLO Curriculum Template.pdf (196.4 kB)
  • O'Reilly PE- 4th Grade Unit I Assessments.pdf (103.2 kB)
  • O'Reilly PE 9-12 Unit V SLO Curriculum Template II.pdf (193.4 kB)
  • O'Reilly PE- 12th Grade Unit V Assessments.pdf (389.3 kB)
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