623 Fitness Education Portfolio Projects

Friday, March 16, 2012: 4:00 PM-5:15 PM
Convention Center: Room 210
NASPE/Research/Curriculum and Instruction
Speakers: Javier Carrasco1; Brian D. Dauenhauer2; Erin E. Centeio3; Xiaofen Keating3; Dolly Lambdin2; Lynne Bryant4; Jason M. Schafer3; Janice Wallace2; and Teresita Ramirez2, (1)El Paso Independent School District/ UT Austin, El Paso, TX, (2)University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, (3)The University of Texas–Austin, Austin, TX, (4)Westlake High School, Austin, TX
Based on a Fitness Education Scope and Sequence developed for NASPE with support from a CDC cooperative agreement, this session will focus on the introduction and review of portfolio type fitness education projects developed to increase interest and understanding as well as provide authentic documentation of learning. Purposes include introducing participants to sample projects, stimulating thought and discussion about the power of project-based instruction, and soliciting feedback on the projects presented.
  • PBL PkKHealthyLivingProjectHandoutsLambdin.pdf (102.1 kB)
  • PBL Community Snapshot Template 3-5 Dauenhauer.pdf (353.0 kB)
  • PBL Community Snapshot Block Plan Dauenhauer.pdf (86.3 kB)
  • PBL Community Snapshot Project Rubric Dauenhauer.pdf (67.2 kB)
  • PBL The New HD Project Grades 1-2 Handouts Schafer.pdf (132.2 kB)
  • PBL My Personal Fitness Trainer HS Handouts BryantWallace.pdf (138.6 kB)
  • PBL Muscle Madness template Middle School RamirezCenteio.pdf (109.3 kB)
  • PBL Muscle Madness Task Sheet Middle School RamirezCenteio.2.pdf (56.8 kB)
  • PBL Muscle Madness Rubric Middle School RamirezCenteio.3.pdf (53.8 kB)
  • PBLConstructive Network Higher Ed Handouts ShangguanKeating.pdf (355.0 kB)