251 NASPE Exercise Physiology Academy Forum: Novel and Emerging Developments in Exercise Prescription for Children and Adolescent Health

Wednesday, April 24, 2013: 3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Convention Center: 203B
NASPE/National Association for Sport and Physical Education
Presider: Keri S. Kulik, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
Speakers: Julien Baker, University of the West of Scotland, Hamilton, Scotland; and Lon Kilgore, University of the West of Scotland, Hamilton, Scotland
The rate of sedentarism in modern youth in the USA and UK is cause for concern. Government and professional organizations consider inactivity, and its sequelae, a pandemic and invest billions in tax derived funds and countless hours in creating and executing various interventions to change exercise and physical activity behaviors across the lifespan. Modern physical activity and exercise interventions encounter many barriers to implementation and adoption. The discussion presented here will (1) introduce a novel methodology using extremely brief high intensity exercise bouts in adolescent populations, and (2) review one aspect of fitness that is frequently ignored or incorrectly treated in most pediatric interventions—strength. Data from a series of in-school experiments will be highlighted including results from populations with varying socio-economic backgrounds. The findings are significant and may be used to inform and shape health and education practice and policy.