351Thursday, March 15, 2007

8:45 AM-10:00 AMSheraton:Chesapeake III
AAPAR General Session - Are you an Exuberant Animal? A Primal, Practical and Playful Experience for the Whole Body
Discover a refreshing new perspective on human physicality in this hands-on, feet-on AAPAR General Session. Frank Forencich (The Primal Scholar) will take us on a multi-disciplinary journey that spans culture, biology, psychology, and animal behavior. Forencich will draw on his 25-year career in movement studies to show us connections between human origins, functional exercise training, and joyful movement. Renew your vitality, creativity and enthusiasm. Learn how to build community as you promote health. (Be prepared to get out of your seat and move!)
Keyword(s): active participation, adult physical activity/fitness, motor skills

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