428Thursday, March 15, 2007

12:30 PM-1:30 PMConvention Center:Ballroom IV
Open Modern Dance Technique - "Fall and Recovery"
This session will focus on the principles of Doris Humphrey's "Fall and Recover" Modern dance technique and how her ideologies were furthered by her protégé, Jose Limón. This technique looks at the body as an object on earth and how it is subject to the laws of physics such as gravity, force, velocity, acceleration and free fall. Humphrey also studied movement by viewing it as being derived from either an Apollonian or Dionysian stance. Although this is an open technique class for beginning students of Modern dance, the class will move briskly and still be engaging for more experienced dancers.
Keyword(s): active participation, curriculum, dance
Speakers: Nina Butts, Hampton University, Hampton, VA; and Mary Ann Laverty, Woodside High School, Newport News, VA

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