772Saturday, March 17, 2007

10:15 AM-11:30 AMConvention Center:336
Gender Related Studies in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (1995-2004)
The purpose was to determine the extent to which scholars focused on gender in their research studies. Silverman and Skonie’s (1997) three-phase research methods on teaching in physical education were followed. The findings indicate a steady growth of gender articles but low rate (13%) in the ten-year span. Thirty percent of studies focused on middle-level age life span (20-59), 37% centered on K-12 student population, 14% addressed schools officials, and 12% combined study populations. Within these groupings, there were gender differences in curricular preferences, learning and perceptions, and areas of inquiry were individual activities, with quantitative methods being popular.
Keyword(s): gender issues, research
Speaker: Sunhwi Kim, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

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