281Wednesday, March 14, 2007

3:15 PM-5:15 PMConvention Center:310
Getting Girls in the Game: Addressing Gender Barriers in After-School Program Sports and Games
After-school programs are some of the only places in which children have opportunities to engage in physical activity on a daily basis. This workshop will expose and address gender barriers discovered in coed after-school/youth program settings. The presenters have worked with hundreds of after-school programs in a project sponsored by the IBM Corporation to encourage gender inclusive participation. Program elements and cues that translate into gender differentiated play patterns including: stereotypic role modeling of staff, activity option formats, and games leadership will be shared. A special workshop feature will include SPARK (Sports Play and Active Recreation for Kids) activities.
Keyword(s): active participation, community-based programs, gender issues
Presider: Paul F. Rosengard, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
Speakers: Barbara Colomobo-Adams, Consultant, Holden, MA; and Courtney A. Sjoerdsma, The SPARK Programs, Redwood City, CA

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