688Friday, March 16, 2007

4:00 PM-5:15 PMConvention Center:316
Sport and Human Rights: The Place of AAHPERD in the Discussion
Given the establishment of AAHPERD’s new Social Justice and Diversity Committee, the Alliance can expand its discussion of sport opportunities for all. This Committee may offer the Alliance a chance to go further, looking at the very nature of sport and what it offers to participants. This presentation provides a basic understanding of sport and human rights as well as using sport to promote human rights. Examples of best practices by sport organizations will be presented. There will be a discussion of this topic relative to the Alliance’s Social Justice and Diversity Committee.
Keyword(s): international issues, multiculturalism/cultural diversity, standards and ethics
Speakers: Mary A. Hums, University Of Louisville, Louisville, KY; and Eli A. Wolff, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

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