458Thursday, March 15, 2007

2:45 PM-4:00 PMConvention Center:Ballroom IV
AAPAR/Children, Youth and Families Council
SMART KIDS Start Their Day in the Gym!
Brain research suggests that what makes us move is also what makes us think. Physical activity builds the framework for cognition and proper brain development. This interactive, energetic presentation will demonstrate how proper early brain development is linked to early motor development and how practice of motor movement enhances student performance. SMART KIDS do start their day in the gym! This workshop will feature the SMART KIDS program which started in the Ephrata Area school district at Highland Elementary school, Pre-5. Professionals will learn and experience the different developmental stages as well as their application and integration of academic material.
Keyword(s): early childhood, elementary issues, motor skills
Speakers: Cindy A. Hess, Highland Elementary School, Ephrata Area School District, Lititz, PA; and Jean Blaydes Madigan, Action Based Learning, Murphy, TX

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