499Thursday, March 15, 2007

4:15 PM-5:15 PMConvention Center:324-325
NASPE/Biomechanics Academy
Virtual Quantitative Application for Teaching Biomechanical Analysis
This session will demonstrate a web-based interactive instructional tool for students learning to conduct biomechanical analysis of human movement. Users can select digital video clips of a variety of movement activities, with tools for actually measuring the movements displayed. The spatiotemporal data are stored for further quantitative analysis, such as calculating joint angles, velocity and acceleration. These exercises facilitate understanding of basic mechanics, provide authentic experience in the application of mechanics to studying human movement, and provide a highly motivating learning environment accessible around the clock. This session will provide guided exploration of the application and discussion of its use.
Keyword(s): professional preparation, technology
Speaker: Lawrence D. Abraham, University of Texas-Austin, Austin, TX

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