426Thursday, March 15, 2007

12:30 PM-1:30 PMConvention Center:Ballroom I
NASPE/Middle and Secondary School Physical Education Council
Stretch, Tone and Shute
Use the parachute to do resistance-training for the entire class. Explore nutrition labels while using cans of food for strength training exercises. Come to boot camp. Use body bars and rubber tubing for toning. Incorporate “infomercials” into each class, allowing for explanations and demonstrations of fitness equipment so students can make informed decisions about fitness products, and to prepare for the final class of circuit training. This program is intended for high school physical education or dance programs. Bring two 8-16 ounce cans to the program for the “nutrition” segment. Be ready to twist and shout and tone and “shute.”.
Keyword(s): active participation, exercise/fitness/physical activity
Presider: Tami Ann DeRose, Jericho Union Free Sch Dist, Massapequa, NY
Speaker: Catherine/E Dodd, Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights, NY

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