521 (CANCELLED) Fun Fitness with a Twist (Part II)

Saturday, April 5, 2014: 8:45 AM-10:00 AM
Convention Center: 240242
Physical Education: K-12 Standards-based Instruction (includes Dance in PE)
Intended Audience: K-12
Speakers: Natalie L. Boone, Haywood County Schools, Waynesville, NC; Cyndi Blankenship, Bethel Elementary School, Canton, NC; Beth Swanger, Meadowbrook Elementary School, Canton, NC; Casey Kruk, Pisgah High School, Canton, NC; Sharon Cagle, Junaluska Elementary School, Waynesville, NC; Stephen Sharpe, Clyde Elementary School, Clyde, NC; Chris Ray, Riverbend Elementary School, Clyde, NC; Jake Savage, North Canton Elementary School, Canton, NC; and Casey Conard, Hazelwood Elementary School, Waynesville, NC
FUN + FITNESS + LITERACY = Happy and Successful Students! In this action packed session, participants will learn new ways to increase the fitness level of students through muscle confusion and lots of integration games. Participants will also engage in different activities focusing on promoting physical LITERACY. This session will ignite participants with a total body fitness workout that not only builds your muscles but also your brains. Come Join the FUN!!!
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