Call for Proposals

2014 AAHPERD National Convention and Exposition (April 1-5, 2014)

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Comprehensive School Physical Activity Plan (CSPAP)- Strategies and examples related to implementing/coordinating one or more of the components of a comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP), providing students with increased quality and quantity of physical activity before, during or after school (NOTE: If the submission is exclusively related to physical education, please submit within the physical education content area)

Fitness & Wellness- address creative and innovative approaches to fitness and wellness including techniques and instruction for targeted to various ages and ability levels

Community-based Programming- address lifelong recreational activities that range from early childhood to older adult that may take place in environments other than schools

Adventure/Outdoor Education- address adventure and outdoor based learning, both recreational and educational, that can include activities like biking, hiking, Geocaching, kayaking, orienteering, and other adventure skills and activities

Master Classes & Cultural Dances- Technical classes on current popular as well as traditional dances

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Assessment- tools and strategies for evaluating students and physical education programs

Curriculum & Administration (includes Supervisors of PE)- strategies for developing and implementing quality physical education curriculum

Inclusion (includes adapted, obesity issues, at risk youth)- teaching methods and strategies for challenging all students appropriately in physical education

Professional Preparation/Post-Secondary- preparing physical education professionals for success in P-12 schools, including preparation in the disciplines within kinesiology

K-12 Standards-based Instruction (includes Dance in PE)- teaching ideas and strategies for helping students achieve the National Standards for Physical Education, including the National Dance Standards

Technology- appropriate uses of technology in instructing and evaluating in physical education.

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K-12 Standards-based Instruction- teaching ideas/strategies and curriculum development/implementation based on the National Health Education Standards

Professional Preparation/Post-Secondary- based on the Certified Health Education Specialist Areas of Responsibility

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Coaching- Research, strategies, and best practices that directly relate to on the field of play coach and athlete behaviors.

Coaching Education- Research, strategies, and best practice that directly relate to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of programs designed to educate and train coaches.

Sport Safety- Research, strategies, and best practices for preventing, responding to, and managing the recovery of sport related injuries.

Athlete Performance- Physical literacy development, strength and conditioning, nutrition and sport psychology.

Organization and Administration- Strategies and best practices for implementation, management and administration of sports in and outside of school, including hiring/firing of coaches, legal issues, facility design, budget management, fundraising and coach evaluation.

Diversity and Inclusiveness- Gender equity issues in sport, working with athletes with disabilities.

Performance- All aspects of sport performance including nutrition, strength & conditioning, sports medicine, and sport psychology

Management & Administration- Issues and strategies for implementation, management and administration of sports in and outside of school, which include equity and social justice, legal issues, facility design and budgets

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