644 Sexuality Education: School Issues, Policies, and Male Inclusion

Saturday, April 27, 2013: 8:45 AM-10:00 AM
Convention Center: 202AB
AAHE/Implement Strategies/Interventions/Programs
Presider: Terri D. Mitchell, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Session 1: Participants will learn how to assess school readiness, examine strategies for securing stakeholder support, and develop an action plan. Session 2: Presenters will provide an overview of the policy change process and creating and disseminating professional development materials to school personnel. Sample curricula utilizing the NHES framework and the Health Education Assessment Project resources will also be shared.
Providing Sexuality Education in Schools: Examining & Addressing the Barriers
Sherry Barr1, Rodney Crownover2 and Melissa Murchison-Blake1, (1)Princeton Center for Leadership Training, Wake Forest, NC, (2)HiTOPS Adolescent Health & Education Center, Wake Forest, NC
From Policy to Practice: House Bill 88 and Sexuality Education
Terri D. Mitchell, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC