497 College Health and Wellness

Friday, April 26, 2013: 8:45 AM-10:00 AM
Convention Center: 207AB
AAHE/Implement Strategies/Interventions/Programs
Presider: Donna O. Burnett, Baylor University, Waco, TX
Issues like weight gain in Freshman year and substance abuse are concerns for young adults and those who work with them. This session will present research on Freshmen weight gain, prevention strategies, and concepts of tailored health communication. Also addressed in this session will be substance abuse prevention programming that utilizes best practices. Experiential learning will take place with a hands-on game designed to provide alcohol-related knowledge and build decision-making skills.
The "Freshman 15": Planning Prevention Strategies
Donna O. Burnett, Baylor University, Waco, TX and Retta R. Evans, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL
Creative Programming Utilizing Best Practices in Substance Abuse Prevention
Amanda J. Burke and Katie E. Sorokas, Kent State University, Kent, OH