470 Dance Through the Food Groups & Exercise Your Smarts

Friday, March 16, 2012: 7:30 AM-8:30 AM
Convention Center: Ballroom B
AAHE/Implement Strategies/Interventions/Programs
Presiders: Holly Ouellette, Springfield College, Springfield, MA; and JoAnne Owens-Nauslar, GeoMotion Group, Inc., Orlando, FL
Speakers: Debby Mitchell, Central Florida University, Retired, Orlando, FL; Christina Taylor, Watertown High School, Watertown, MA; and Barbara English, GeoMotion Group, Orlando, FL
The Nutrition Pyramid is now the Plate, but there is an ongoing need for fun, quality, and innovative strategies to deliver health concepts about nutrition, the body, food as fuel, etc. This session will allow you to "pogo on proteins" and "dance on dairy" in addition to a variety of creative, energetic, effective strategies emphasizing the power of music, movement and memory for desired health outcomes. Come prepared to "groove through the grains."
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