101 Four Roles of Online Professors: Preparing Faculty to Teach Online

Tuesday, March 13, 2012: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Convention Center: Room 205
AAHE/Administer Strategies/Interventions/Programs
Presider: Susan A. Yesalonia, Norwich University, Northfield, VT
Speakers: Jennifer R. Banas, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL; and Lori Lynn Dewald, AT Still University, Delmar, MD
Despite the growing popularity of distance education, there is much criticism regarding its ability to substitute for on-campus instruction. The criticism has long been misdirected at technology itself. One viable source for criticism lies with the faculty. Lack of or poor quality training leads to underprepared faculty. This presentation demonstrates how to use a research-driven framework to design training that prepares faculty to use and manage technology effectively to deliver high quality online instruction.
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